Mark Activity as Complete

Paramerter _type is activity type like : Fax,Email,Letter,Appointment,Task



void CompleteActivity(string _activityid, string _type)



ServerConnection serverConnect = newServerConnection();


ServerConnection.Configuration config = serverConnect.GetServerConfiguration();


OrganizationServiceProxy _serviceProxy;


var creds = newClientCredentials();


using (_serviceProxy = newOrganizationServiceProxy(config.OrganizationUri,






// This statement is required to enable early-bound type support.





IOrganizationService service = (IOrganizationService)_serviceProxy;



SetStateRequest setState = newSetStateRequest();

setState.EntityMoniker =



setState.EntityMoniker.Id =



setState.EntityMoniker.Name = _type;

setState.EntityMoniker.LogicalName = _type.ToString().ToLower();

setState.State =



setState.State.Value = 1;

setState.Status =



setState.Status.Value = -1;


SetStateResponse setStateResponse = (SetStateResponse)_serviceProxy.Execute(setState);





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