Image (JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO) Web Resources

Capabilities of Image
Web resources

With image Web resources
you can add images where you need them. Common uses include the following:

  • Custom entity icons
  • Icons for custom Ribbon
    controls and SiteMap subareas
  • Decorative graphics for
    entity forms and Web page Web resources.
  • Background images that
    are used by CSS Web resources

Limitations of Image Web Resources

Like all Web resources,
image Web resources use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM security context. Only licensed
Microsoft Dynamics CRM users who have the necessary privileges can access them.

Only the three specified
types of image files (*.jpg, *.png, *.gif) are supported.

Image Web Resource Tasks

Image Web resources can
be used where ever you have a requirement to reference an image file.

Reference an Image Web Resource from a Web Page Web Resource

All Web resources can use relative URLs to reference each other.
In the following example, for the Web page Web resource
new_/content/contentpage.htm to reference the image Web resource
new_/Images/image1.png, add the following HTML code to


src=”../Images/image1.png” />


Reference an Image Web Resource from a Microsoft CRM Form

To add an image to an entity form

  1. Navigate to the Form
    Editor for an entity.
  2. Select where you want to
    add the image in the form.
  3. On the Insert tab,
    click Web Resource.
  4. In the Add Web
    dialog box, in the General tab, select the Web resource
    image that you want to add.
  5. Specify a name for the
    Web resource. You can also specify a label and alternative text.
  6. On the Formatting
    tab, you can define:
  • The number of columns
    the images should use.
  • The number of rows the
    images should use, or if it should automatically expand to use available space.
  • The size of the image
    using the following options:

    • Stretch
      to fit
    • Stretch
      to fit (maintain aspect ratio)
    • Original
    • Specific
    • If you select specific
      you can enter the desired height and width in pixels.
  1. Click OK to close
    the Add Web Resource dialog box.
  2. You must save your
    changes and publish the form before users will be able to see the image in the

Reference an Image Web Resource from a Ribbon element or from
the Site Map SubArea

Use the $webresource: directive to specify a Web resource image to
use as an icon in the ribbon or in the application navigation using Site Map.
The following sample shows how to specify icons for a button in the






(FromĀ  SDK)

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